Become a Certified Strategic Attraction™ Planner and Learn A Powerful, Step-by-Step Process
for Making the Transition to a New Way of Doing Business That Thousands Have Used Before You.

Become a Certified Strategic Attraction™ Planner.

We are in the process of enrolling people into our next SACAT program. We are attracting people who are committed to learning how to make decisions based on what is important to them as they create additional income helping others (and themselves) attract more perfect customers, discover their perfect purpose, and explore the direction they want their life to go in.

If you know you have a gift, and you are committed to expanding your awareness, living in alignment with what makes you TICK, and impacting the world in a positive palpable way... the SACAT program is for you.

If you have a pulse, you have a purpose... AND... once you are clear about your purpose you can make a profit.

What we have found by working with hundreds of people, in all kinds of businesses, from all over the world,
over the last 16 years…. is that the single biggest question our customers have is about finding their purpose
and getting what makes them TICK.  In our recent Santa Fe Vision-eering Retreat we discovered that our purpose is to help others connect the dots of what makes them TICK along with their PURPOSE and manifest their  VISION in reality.

It’s a 3-fold process and each part is vitally interconnected in a magical way.   

My Tick + My Purpose = My Vision

Once you learn what you’re all about you begin to get clear on how you will express that, the next step is to have a supportive system and a strategy to keep your vision alive, fresh, and expanding….. THIS is where the SACAT Program begins.  

Here is where you will have everything you need to give YOUR vision LEGS to stand on.  It’s a supportive structure of people who GET you.  Each call will keep you moving ahead... prepare to BEE loved, encouraged and inspired. 

Our year long Strategic Attraction™ Coaching and Training Program (SACAT) begins with twelve incredible
weekly Training Calls activating Your Power of Strategic Synchronicity™.

Are You at a Crossroads in Your Life...
looking for inspiration and direction, and you want to get clear about how to go from where you are to where you would truly LOVE to be.

Too many traditional marketing and business advisers say you have to do it their way, and then they teach you what they learned from someone else.

That's not how we do it.

Many authors, coaches, counselors, and healers have a great offering, yet feel stuck in circumstances, not sure how to make the vision of that offering a reality in a way that is perfect for you. Many of us are good at manifesting what we want, however, the flood of ideas has you stuck not knowing exactly what to do next.

It's no accident that you have attracted an opportunity to gain greater clarity around your life's purpose and receive the support you need to align your life with what makes you TICK and finally fulfill on your VISION.

Today is where  begins.

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be, right now. Now is the time to choose the path of accelerated personal
growth through love, mutual empowerment, inspiration, and fulfillment... choose to BEE SACAT SAVVY!
Stop Waiting for Someday... now is YOUR time... and you’re not alone.

After more than a decade of guiding thousands of amazing people all around the world through the process of Strategic Attraction™, Strategic Synchronicity™, and Attracting Your Perfect Purpose™, we’ve seen it all. We’ve met countless others, just like you.
You know you want more, however, you aren’t sure how to attract the supportive community you need or how to have the courage to express what you truly want from a deep connection and believe that you can have it– let alone figure out how to take the consistent attractive actions that are necessary to have it.

We invite you to trust that you have attracted a miracle. It's waiting to happen. Even if you have no idea how it's all going to work out, it's time for you to trust and take a leap of faithful commitment... reach out to  Jan and Alan and our Global SACAT Community. Do it as a gift to yourself, your family, your community and the world. Today's the day for you to fall in love with who you really are, and live a life you love living, while helping others do the same. 

Ken W Stone, “The Soul Archaeologist”... is an Internationally recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer, and Creator of the Transformational Beneath the Sand program. Ken supports people around the world working on each of the three phases of the spiritual journey in their daily lives.
“I now have a new guidance, and a new direction for my work, and it has been sourced from having the support and connection with the positive energy available to me in the SACAT program. It has been a really interesting journey both up and down and back up. I have had this massive breakthrough, shifting through the old paradigm of fear and hate that has been on the news lately, to this new place, which for me, is resonating with pure love and the power of that love to shift and change lives. I don’t think I could have done it without the connection to this amazing community of lighthouses projecting light and love into the world.” – Michelle Manning-Kogler – Quantum Soul Clearing

Making a Major Shift in Your Life Requires 5 Key Elements

Clarity & Focus

You will get crystal clear and focused about what is a perfect fit for you. You will learn to make decisions based on what is perfect for you, and your life immediately begins to transform. Instead of being a circumstance-driven person, you become a purpose-driven person. Your thoughts and actions begin to automatically align with what makes you TICK... positively charged people and magical opportunities "show up" in your life at just the right time... experiencing transformation, and practicing that clarity and focus is what the SACAT program offers.

Inner Alignment

Learning the BEE-ing shifting steps you need to take before you begin taking your next most attractive action, is the secret that guarantees success! Many people skip over these steps, and they either aren't able to produce results... or they may experience some success, only to feel frustrated or disappointed when they "slide back" again.

The Strategic Attraction™ Planning process gives you access to clearly distinguishing your
                                         personal core values. Alignment with your core values is the key. By investing the time to     
                                         discover what you really want and what is important to you, and aligning with that. When you
                                         do, you will find that the people who resonate with you are drawn to you, and your next most
                                         Attractive Action is obvious.

Increased Confidence

Making a major shift in your life, and discovering the direction you really want your life to go in will require you letting go of some old patterns and creating new ones. The way you do that is by spending time with your Strategic Attraction™ plan to get really clear what is a perfect fit for you. PLUS, when you share this process, you have no choice but to start living it. Even if you just take your family and friends through the Strategic Attraction™ Planning process, it will become a part of your nature, and increase your confidence.


The pressure to be alone is significant. It will create many surprising ups and downs that distract you from being able to partake in group situations. Being part of a community should renew and recharge you. If you try to simply say you will do something on your own, you are going to have an isolated experience occurring mostly in your mind. There will always be times when we lose confidence or 
                                         enthusiasm. At times like these you
need a community of people you can feel safe to reach out
                                         to. People who see you as you want to be seen... especially when you don’t.

                                         BEE-ing part of The Global SACAT Community is so important. You have easy access to connect
                                         with others who see you as you want to be seen, and supporting you to consistently choose in
                                         favor of what is a perfect fit for you. 


We all know the famous  Goethe quote about how when you make a commitment the Universe shifts in ways you could never predict. It’s one thing to say, “I’m committed.” However, that's not enough. Sometimes you need to make a commitment that is such a stretch that you will absolutely follow through and do what it takes to fulfill on your commitment. Many times that commitment is making a financial stretch without knowing how it's going to work out.

Let’s get started so that you can have a direct personal experience of it working out as soon as possible!


“There are people, all around this world, who are earning so disproportionately to the action that they are offering that you could not possibly reconcile the wealth that's flowing to them. You just can't reconcile it." - Abraham-Hicks

Becoming a Certified Strategic Attraction™ Planner is THE most efficient way to put an end to “Getting Paid by The Hour”, and stepping into a life of creating the success you desire, using the power and the gifts you already have.

Many people want to live a purpose filled life, while impacting the world. They have many brilliant gifts to offer, however, what is missing is a strategy to make a living from it.
“Having a package that makes it easy for people to purchase keeps you out of pricing your work by the hour” – Jan H. Stringer

Here is the secret thread to pull on:
How much fun is it for you to have a shopping bag full of goodies?

The SACAT program will help you quickly get clear about what is in the package (shopping bag full of goodies) you’re selling.  

The World is Waiting For You... The SACAT Program will help you to emerge.

As you complete the initial 12 week SACAT training, you’ll quickly gain a level of confidence and atunement with yourself and the world around you that few people ever achieve.

Increased confidence and making decisions based on what is a perfect fit for you will become a part of your nature
as you consistently apply the Strategic Attraction™ Planning process. Plus, you’ll have a "practice partner", a SACAT
"buddy", and the Global SACAT Community Facebook Group so you can help each other to become clear and focused.

As you share the Strategic Attraction™ Planning process at networking events, speaking engagements, in workshops, and in one-on-one consultations, you will be demonstrating what is unique and special about you, your unique message, your brilliance, and that is what your potential perfect customers need to hear, and this is how you get paid for who you are BEE-ing in the world.

Many of our Certified Strategic Attraction™ Planners tell us that, after sharing the SAP, it’s no longer possible for them to do things or work with people who are not a perfect fit for them. Many report that it's a wonderful way to introduce themselves to potential perfect customers as well as a valuable set of tools you can use to empower them when they become your perfect customers.

You’ll not only have your 12-Weekly SACAT Group Training Calls, but you’ll also be part of a Global Community. You will have SACAT friends all over the world who are ready to open their hearts and welcome you.

Every month we’ll connect in our monthly SACAT Connection calls where you’ll get to hear the wins and successes of other SACATS, and receive practical tips for being more effective, and hear the secrets of success from our colleagues and other transformational leaders.

What we have seen time and time again is that when you commit yourself financially and register,
then you’ll follow through and be capable of far more than you ever thought possible.
I created a program that takes people from feeling like a victim to being a powerful co-creator with their body.

In my early twenties, I found a way to heal my obsession with food through meditation and letting go of unhelpful and limiting perspectives about me and my body. Since then, I’ve known I had a gift to share with others to help them transform their relationship with food and their bodies so you can live a more happy, healthy, and prosperous life. I feel like Jan and Alan were the perfect ‘coaching midwives’ I needed to support me in giving birth to my Love Your Body Blueprint™ and launch my Love Your Body Challenge. The SACAT program helped me pull it out from the depths of my being, even though I had doubts and was  ready to give up many times. I’m deeply grateful for your coaching and to the entire SACAT Community supporting me in finally bringing this valuable tool into the world.” – Kara Sorensen –
WOW! That SACAT program has helped me break-through and break-out.

“For years I have had it in my heart that I am so much more than “just” a Chiropractor. I have studied a vast array of Chiropractic, healing, and energetic modalities; developed my intuitive abilities, and become a wellness coach. My big goal for the SACAT program was to have a break-through, break-out year in my Chiropractic and Wellness business. I should have known that in order to have that happen I had to change a lot of what has been going on inside of me! I found the Strategic Attraction™ plan to be a wonderful tool to allow me to quickly go in and find where I am blocking myself, make the shift, and move on. Interesting, as a healing facilitator, that is exactly what I teach my perfect customers to do! I partner with my clients to become healthy and lead purposeful lives, not just eliminate their pain. The Strategic Attraction™ plan is a perfect complement to the work I do with my clients and within myself.” – Christina Boiano, DC – Leading-edge Chiropractor and Founder of Inner Rhythms Wellness and Santa Fe Wellness Center, Santa Fe NM

"It’s More Than JUST Another Good Business Training!" - Sonia Choquette

You Will Receive

A full Year of SACAT Training, Support & Connections looks like this:

12-Weekly Live-interactive Training Tele-Conference Calls
Facilitated by Jan Stringer & Alan Hickman these SACAT group training calls provide you with a solid foundation to get started as a Certified Strategic Attraction™ Planner. The people participating in your SACAT program, along with the entire Global SACAT Community, hold the space for each person in the program and for their vision. This is why each of us is here, these are our perfect people - the people we attracted for a reason.

You’ll have Authorization and training to charge a fee and set your own prices for sharing the SAP in your business, with your own clients, for your workshops, speaking, or one-on-one sessions and affiliate commissions. PLUS you get instant and lifetime access to SACAT Attractive Resources, including, class recordings, Tips and coaching on  authentic speaking, sales & marketing Attractive resources including over 25 downloadable books and Unlimited On-line email support from Jan and Alan...And much more!

Laser Coaching Call with Jan or Alan
Use your laser coaching call anytime during the training. Laser coaching, with Jan or Alan, provides you with valuable
          insights and fresh energy around the core dynamic of a specific situation, or roadblock to get you moving.
          You will quickly gain clarity, and rise above your doubts, fears, limiting beliefs, and counter intentions, commit to an
          action plan and be gently held accountable for your results. (this alone is worth the price of admission)

Certified Strategic Attraction™ Planner Guide
With a detailed outline and word for word script how to give a Strategic Attraction™ Planning workshop to any
          group or organization anywhere in the world.

A Study Buddy
for extra support as you get started...
It's always amazing how perfect the Law of Attraction works to attract your perfect buddy and provide each
          of you with the perfect support you need to develop your confidence and Strategic Attraction™ Planning skills.

SACAT Savvy Facebook Group
The sense of community drives the ability to connect to other people. Being in The SACAT Savvy Facebook group can
          charge you up, and create a wonderful energy that arises when you experience the group dynamic.
This private
          Facebook Group provides a perfect way for you to connect and build relationship with the entire Global SACAT
          Community. Share successes, hear tips for building your business, and continue to increase your expertise
          as a Certified Strategic Attraction Planner™.

2 1/2– Day Visioneering Retreat held in Santa Fe ($197 to attend)

          At this retreat you will be able to express your vision, dream, goals, and ideas which will be like seeds in the hearts of   
          the people here, creating a safe, warm place to grow and expand. While your vision takes form, this retreat and the
          people here hold the space for each person and for their vision so that you will be able to sustain it over time. By
          attending this retreat, your true visions are launched, dreams are born, and ideas become rooted, expanded and grow

A Cornucopia of Marketing Support Materials
You can register at anytime, and receive instant access to our state-of-the-art on-line SACAT membership resources including: teaching resources, class recordings and documents. A product you can offer immediately to your own clients. On-line Attractive Resources with over 25 downloadable books, e-books, and documents to give you immediate and long term support in the areas of, Sales & Marketing, Personal Growth, Wealth, Affluence, Health and Well-being, and a new strategy for setting and manifesting goals in the Energy of BEE-ing, PLUS, Attracting Your Perfect Mate (that’s right…it’s not just for business relationships!).

What you can expect to receive during this training:

By being in a community like this one, you will be able to expand wider than you could by yourself or even in other groups because we all share a common experience and goal. Imagine a full year where you are surrounded by like-hearted people, receiving an in-depth understanding of the transformative process of Strategic Attraction™ Planning.

Hundreds of coaches, speakers, consultants, mothers, fathers, teachers, managers and company owners have gone before you, and many of them say the SACAT program provided them with the transformation they needed to fulfill on Attracting Their Perfect Purpose - write books, create International Businesses, and Global Communities, all while working with amazing people that they love. You can read their testimonials and case studies here and on our web site.

I can’t put a price on what happened; It was the greatest gift of my life!

“I purchased the Perfect Customers SACAT and the Mastery Coaching package because I wanted to expand my executive recruiter and career coaching services, however, I never could have anticipated that choosing my 18 year old grandson as a ‘training partner’ would produce such a remarkable, deep, mature, connection with him. I can’t put a price on what happened. I shared the Strategic Attraction™ plan for attracting his perfect debating team partner. It was like the greatest gift of my life when he said, with a smile on his face, “Grandma thank you for doing this, I Can’t wait for our next session”. It was so beautiful, he got like 5 eureka’s! This is the experience you want to have with any relationship you want to grow.” – Victoria Lee Travis, M.S., CPC President Travis and Associate

Start Attracting Your Perfect Purpose – Risk Free!

When you invest in becoming a Certified Strategic Attraction™ Planner, you do so at no risk, because you’re covered by our
30-Day Money Back Guarantee. The fee to become a Certified Strategic Attraction™ Planner is $ 1,997. The tuition includes a year of monthly support and inspiration, Facebook Group, and access to the SACAT website full of Attractive Resources.

If you would like even more personal attention, you can also enjoy our Premium Package for $5,500 which includes the SACAT program, our Attracting Your Perfect Purpose program and our one-on-one Mastery Laser Coaching and Roundtable package of 10 laser coaching sessions with Jan or Alan, 1 Wildcard Laser Coaching Session, 1 VIP Strategic Planning Session, and 10 Monthly Roundtable Mastermind Group Calls.

If for any reason, you decide not to make the Strategic Attraction™ shift now, just let us know within 30 days of your
initial registration. We care about you enough to want for you what you want for you. So if you don’t want to join The
Global SACAT Community yet, we’ll refund your investment in full.


Personal note from Jan and Alan
We have been pioneers in business since it was daring to talk about such concepts as Law of Attraction, transformation, intuition, and Spiritual Guidance. 

For over a decade we have been working with people, in all kinds of businesses, from all over the world, and we have discovered that our gift, our passion, and our purpose is to help others use Strategic Attraction™ along with the power of Strategic Synchronicity™ to connect the dots between what makes you tick, and Attracting Your Perfect Purpose™ to clearly see your vision as possible. It’s a 3-fold process and each part is vitally interconnected in a magical way.
Have you noticed, that our world has become very social? Everyone is using social media, and people want person-to-person connections. They want to know you, what you had for lunch, and the name of your cat, too!
People desire personal connections with the people that they do business with, as well as, they hunger to see the deeper meaning in their own careers. People want balance while being successful.
We are excited to share the SACAT program with you because The SACAT program gives us a structure through which we get to live our passion, give our unique gifts, Attract our Perfect Purpose, and fulfill on our Global Vision.

This is why we are making it available to you in a way that will engage your creativity, and imagination to make it
a perfect fit for you.
You’ll start to understand what makes you tick and why that is important in your business and personal relationships.  
PLUS you will learn how this awareness will connect the dots to all of your various interests so that you can begin to
unleash your unique gifts into a fuller expression of yourself in your business and exchange them for a prosperous life.
Come out and play with us. Our intuitive side knows that you’ll get what you have been wanting for a long time and we are ready to explore this journey with you in a big way.

Attractively With LOVE and GRATITUDE,
Your Perfect Customers Attraction Team
Jan Stringer and Alan Hickman

P.S. Once you complete the online application on the next page, we’ll contact you to discuss how the SACAT program can be a perfect fit for you, the investment and payment plan options, and work together with you to make your dream come true.