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Charity Drive... Empowering Women With The Help of Honey BEEs
The Hashoo Foundation is a non-profit organization, successfully leading the way in human development by implementing viable economic, educational and capacity-building programs in Northern Pakistan since 1988.
In a unique effort to promote women’s empowerment and economic development, the Hashoo Foundation USA in partnership with the University of Houston and others have contributed to the development of several sustainable micro-enterprises and Honey Business Groups. Hashoo Foundation in Pakistan implements and manages every aspect of these enterprises, including selection and mobilization of beekeepers, beekeeping training, and  links the honey producers to the market place.

The income the beekeepers earn through their small honey enterprises is helping improve their quality of life and ensure their children have access to quality education and safer, happier and healthier futures. Plan Bee enables the Hashoo Foundation to take a step forward towards implementation of three of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals:
  • Ending Poverty
  • Expanding Education
  • Promoting Gender Equality
I would like to share the updates of some of the Plan Bee projects and extend our appreciation to each one
of you for making a direct impact in the lives of so many women and their families. Economic development
programs, like Plan Bee, help strengthen vulnerable communities, decrease poverty and promote a more inclusive
society. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you want more information or are interested in any of our programs.

Cristal Montañéz Baylor

Executive Director Hashoo Foundation USA
Thank you for empowering women with the help of honey bees and making the world a better place for all! Click Here to learn more
P.S. "When Cristal shared with me the pictures and the statistics of the positive impact on real people, children, boys and girls on their way to receiving quality education, families, men and women working together, this broke my heart wide open and I knew I had to be a part of it." - Alan Hickman - Co-Founder PerfectCustomers, Inc., Co-author of BEE-ing Attraction: What Love Has To Do With Business And Marketing.
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